Jogging Your Way To Fit: 12 Ways Running Can Change Your Life For The Better

Your health is too important to put off any longer. When you need to become fit, strong and vibrant, you need to run: Here are 12 important ways jogging will help you.

1. Jogging Helps You Manage Your Weight

Millions of people struggle with weight, but slimming down helps your health in too many ways to give up. Start jogging a mile or so once or twice a week and build up from there. You’ll soon notice a difference on the scale that will only get better as your running improves. Since jogging helps burn fat, the noticeable difference in your physique should be a huge motivational factor.

Jogging for Fitness

2. It Strengthens Your Bones

Your bone-mineral density increases when you jog, because the activity stresses your joints. This process makes your bones stronger with every mile. Staying in the habit of jogging can dramatically improve your statistical chances with conditions such as osteoporosis, making life a lot easier on yourself later. Nobody wants the aches and pains of aging and jogging can minimize them in a major way.

3. Jogging Boosts Your Immune System

Once you get in the habit of jogging, you may notice a reduction in the number of colds you get! Regular, moderate exercise helps your body produce more of the white blood cells that repel the bacteria that cause sickness. Everyone could use more cold-fighting antibodies, particularly during flu season when nearly everyone gets knocked down for the count for a day or two. Build a stronger immune system with regular jogging.

4. You Can Reach New Levels In Cardio-fitness

When you jog, your body gets even better at sending oxygen to muscles and the muscles get even better at putting that oxygen to good use. Since your heart is very much a muscular organ, it, too, becomes more efficient and that can lower your chances of having a heart attack.

Cardio Graph Chart

5. Your Good Cholesterol Goes Up

Your cardio-fitness levels are directly related to your HDL cholesterol levels and the more good (HDL) you have, the less bad (LDL) you should have roaming around your bloodstream. Jog on a regular basis and ask your physician to check your cholesterol – you should see noticeable improvements.

6. Jogging Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a major contributing factor to heart attacks and strokes, both of which are a growing health concern for men and women the world over. Strengthen your heart muscles and keep them pumping and you can lower your blood pressure significantly.

7. Cut Your Risk Of Diabetes While You’re At It

Diabetes is a debilitating, sometimes deadly condition affecting millions of people. Combine being overweight with an idle lifestyle and you’re practically asking to develop diabetes; start jogging regularly and you’re actively fighting off it and other conditions. Managing your weight and staying active are two of the smartest things you can do to prevent the onset of diabetes, especially as you get older.

8. Jogging Is Shown To Reduce Cancer Risks

While there may be many factors influencing the development of cancer, some which you can’t control, science has shown that regular aerobic activity can cut the risk of it happening to you. A good run a few times a week might lower your risk of colon cancer; elevating your running ability to amateur marathoner could see you minimize your chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Because running help you manage weight and hormones, scientists believe it can cut your cancer risks, too.

9. It Can Give You A Better Night Sleep

Running helps regulate your internal chronometer – something that may be way off if you work odd hours, don’t get enough exercise and do everything possible to avoid healthy eating! Sleep is essential to your good health in many ways, not to mention being in a good mood. See how much better you sleep after getting a mile or two in after dinner.

Better Night Sleep

10. Cut More Stress Out Of Your Life With Jogging

Most people are under too much stress and that’s incredibly counter-productive to your good health, both mentally and physically. Regular cardio burns stress off and running releases endorphins, both of which will help you win your battle against stress.

11. Jogging Boosts Your Self-Confidence

When you do something good for yourself, you feel better in terms of confidence and self-esteem. You know regular exercise is needed in your life and once you’re in the habit of it, you’ll be giving yourself more pats on the back and for all the right reasons.

12. It Can Improve Your Social Life

Getting exercise outdoors may get people talking, both to you and about you. It may even get your neighbors into the act! One thing is for sure, though, it puts you in the position to smile at more people and see more of your world. It’s also a great ice-breaker at events, because you’re bound to run into people just like you who love to run.

Don’t put your fitness off any longer. In addition to all these healthy reasons to start jogging, it’s also a whole lot of fun, too!

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